15 Wax Cord Bracelet Patterns for Creative Jewelry Ideas

Discover fresh and creative wax cord bracelet pattern ideas that will elevate your accessory game instantly.

Braided Spiral Cuff

braided spiral cuff

Creating a visually stunning braided spiral cuff using wax cord adds a unique and eye-catching design to your bracelet collection.

Beaded Macrame Bracelet

beaded macrame bracelet

The Beaded Macrame Bracelet features intricate knotting techniques and colorful beads for a stylish and customizable accessory.

Celtic Knot Charm Bracelet

celtic knot charm bracelet

The Celtic Knot Charm Bracelet adds a touch of ancient mystique to your wrist with interwoven patterns symbolizing eternal love and friendship.

Adjustable Shamballa Bracelet

adjustable shamballa bracelet

The Adjustable Shamballa Bracelet allows for easy size customization with sliding knots, making it suitable for all wrist sizes.

Herringbone Wrapped Accent

herringbone wrapped accent

This bracelet design features a unique herringbone wrapped accent created with wax cord, adding a stylish twist to your wrist accessory collection.

Rainbow Color Block Bracelet

rainbow color block bracelet

This bracelet design adds a pop of color using wax cord in distinct blocks. It is a fun and vibrant pattern that stands out on your wrist. The contrasting colors create a bold and eye-catching accessory. It’s a playful and stylish way to incorporate bright hues into your jewelry collection.

Nautical Knot Friendship Bracelet

nautical knot friendship bracelet

The Nautical Knot Friendship Bracelet combines traditional knotting techniques with a modern twist for a stylish and meaningful accessory.

Spiral Stitch Bracelet

spiral stitch bracelet

The Spiral Stitch Bracelet is a fun and stylish design that features a twisted pattern using wax cord, creating a unique and eye-catching look. Perfect for adding a touch of flair to your everyday outfits or as a thoughtful handmade gift for friends and family.

Wax Cord and Chain Layers

wax cord and chain layers

For the Wax Cord and Chain Layers pattern, intertwine delicate chains with colorful wax cords to create a unique bracelet design that combines elegance with a touch of bohemian style.

Infinity Loop Clasp

infinity loop clasp

An Infinity Loop Clasp adds a unique and elegant touch to wax cord bracelets. It creates a seamless and adjustable closure for easy wear.

Fishbone Chevron Pattern

fishbone chevron pattern

The Fishbone Chevron Pattern adds a trendy and edgy look to your wax cord bracelet with its unique design that resembles the bones of a fish. The pattern creates a stylish and intricate appearance, perfect for those looking to make a statement with their jewelry.

Sliding Knot Closure Bracelet

sliding knot closure bracelet

The sliding knot closure bracelet is a versatile design that allows for adjustable sizing, making it suitable for a wide range of wrist sizes. It’s a popular choice for those who appreciate the ease and comfort of customizable jewelry.

Wax Cord and Leather Mix

wax cord and leather mix

The combination of wax cord and leather creates a rustic-chic look for bracelets. Pairing the two materials adds a touch of edginess and versatility to your jewelry collection. This mix offers a trendy and unique aesthetic that can be worn casually or dressed up for special occasions. The contrast between the softness of the leather and the sturdiness of the wax cord creates a visually appealing texture. The blend of these two elements allows for endless design possibilities, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Beaded Ladder Bracelet

beaded ladder bracelet

The Beaded Ladder Bracelet is a design that features beads arranged in a ladder-like pattern, creating a unique and eye-catching look for your wrist.

Double Helix Interweave

double helix interweave

Looking for a unique look for your wax cord bracelet? The Double Helix Interweave pattern offers a captivating twist in your bracelet design, adding a fun and intriguing element to your accessory collection.

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