15 Taylor Swift Album Bracelet Ideas for Fans

Discover creative bracelet ideas inspired by Taylor Swift’s albums that you can craft to showcase your fandom.

“Red” Album Charm Bracelet (with Red Beads and Album Cover Charm)

red album charm bracelet with red beads and album cover charm

This bracelet incorporates red beads and a charm featuring the album cover of Taylor Swift’s “Red”. It’s a stylish accessory that pays homage to the music and aesthetic of the album.

“Folklore” Forest-Inspired Bracelet (using Earthy Tones and Tree Charms)

folklore forest inspired bracelet using earthy tones and tree charms

A “Folklore” Forest-Inspired Bracelet captures the essence of nature through earthy tones and charming tree-inspired accents, perfect for fans of Taylor Swift’s album.

“1989” Neon Pop Bracelet (bright Colors and Retro Charms)

1989 neon pop bracelet bright colors and retro charms

Imagine a bracelet bursting with bright colors and retro charms inspired by Taylor Swift’s “1989” album – a fun and vibrant accessory to channel your inner pop star vibes.

“Fearless” Gold Lyric Cuff (engraved With Popular Lyrics)

fearless gold lyric cuff engraved with popular lyrics

A “Fearless” Gold Lyric Cuff is a chic bracelet engraved with Taylor Swift’s iconic lyrics for fans who want to wear their favorite song quotes.

“Evermore” Winter Theme Bracelet (icy Blues and Snowflake Charms)

evermore winter theme bracelet icy blues and snowflake charms

Embrace winter vibes with an “Evermore” Winter Theme Bracelet featuring icy blues and delicate snowflake charms.

“Speak Now” Purple Fairytale Bracelet (purple Beads and Princess Charms)

speak now purple fairytale bracelet purple beads and princess charms

Immerse yourself in a whimsical world with the “Speak Now” Purple Fairytale Bracelet, adorned with enchanting princess charms and elegant purple beads for a touch of royal flair.

“Reputation” Snake Chain Bracelet (black and Silver With Snake Charm)

reputation snake chain bracelet black and silver with snake charm

This bracelet captures the edgy vibe of Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album through its black and silver design, accentuated by a snake charm.

“Lover” Rainbow Heart Bracelet (multi-colored Hearts)

lover rainbow heart bracelet multi colored hearts

Rainbow Heart Bracelet features vibrant multi-colored hearts to evoke a cheerful and positive vibe, perfect for fans of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album. It adds a pop of color and whimsy to your outfit, capturing the album’s essence in a fun and stylish accessory.

“Midnights” Midnight Blue Stars (dark Blue Beads and Star Charms)

midnights midnight blue stars dark blue beads and star charms

A midnight-inspired bracelet using dark blue beads and star charms to capture the magical essence of the night sky.

“Taylor Swift” Debut Album Daisy Chain (white and Gold With Daisy Charms)

taylor swift debut album daisy chain white and gold with daisy charms

A charming bracelet inspired by Taylor Swift’s debut album, featuring white and gold colors along with daisy charms for a delicate and whimsical look.

“22” Birthday Celebration Bracelet (balloon and Cake Charms)

22 birthday celebration bracelet balloon and cake charms

Celebrate Taylor Swift’s fun and vibrant “22” track with a birthday celebration bracelet featuring balloon and cake charms.

Blank Space Chic Black and White Bracelet (monochrome Beads With Music Note Charms)

blank space chic black and white bracelet monochrome beads with music note charms

This bracelet embodies the essence of “Blank Space” with its chic monochrome beads and music note charms, perfect for fans looking for a sleek and stylish accessory inspired by the song.

“Shake It Off” Dance Party Bracelet (dancing Figure Charms and Musical Notes)

shake it off dance party bracelet dancing figure charms and musical notes

This lively bracelet design captures the essence of Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off,” featuring dancing figure charms and musical notes symbols throughout the piece.

“Cardigan” Cozy Yarn Wrapped Bracelet (yarn-wrapped Bracelet With Cardigan Charm)

cardigan cozy yarn wrapped bracelet yarn wrapped bracelet with cardigan charm

This bracelet idea combines the cozy feel of a cardigan with a charming yarn-wrapped design, making it a perfect accessory for fans of Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” song.

“Wildest Dreams” Safari Theme Bracelet (animal Print Beads and Wild Animal Charms)

wildest dreams safari theme bracelet animal print beads and wild animal charms

Craft a “Wildest Dreams” Safari Theme Bracelet using animal print beads and wild animal charms for a fierce and adventurous jewelry piece.

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