15 Stranger Things Bracelet Ideas for Fans to Try

Unleash your inner Demogorgon-hunter with these Stranger Things-inspired bracelet ideas that will have you standing out in the Upside Down!

Waffle Charm Bracelet With “Eleven” Engraving

waffle charm bracelet with eleven engraving

A Waffle charm bracelet with “Eleven” engraving is a fun and quirky accessory inspired by everyone’s favorite telekinetic character, perfect for fans of Stranger Things looking for a unique way to show their love for the show’s iconic elements.

LED Light-up Bracelet Mimicking the Christmas Lights Message Scene

led light up bracelet mimicking the christmas lights message scene

This LED light-up bracelet replicates the iconic Christmas lights message scene from Stranger Things, adding a touch of whimsical nostalgia to your accessory collection.

Adjustable Leather Bracelet With Hawkins Lab Logo

adjustable leather bracelet with hawkins lab logo

This leather bracelet features the iconic Hawkins Lab logo, making it a stylish accessory for any “Stranger Things” fan.

Morse Code Bead Bracelet Spelling “Stranger Things.”

morse code bead bracelet spelling stranger things

The Morse code bead bracelet is a clever way to spell out “Stranger Things” using a series of dots and dashes as beads on a bracelet, adding a unique touch to your jewelry collection.

Upside Down World Silhouette Charm Bracelet in Black

upside down world silhouette charm bracelet in black

This bracelet features a silhouette charm representing the mysterious Upside Down world in the show, adding a dark and intriguing element to your Stranger Things jewelry collection.

Bicycle Chain Bracelet With a Demogorgon Charm

bicycle chain bracelet with a demogorgon charm

A Bicycle chain bracelet with a Demogorgon charm adds a touch of mysterious and edgy vibe to your jewelry collection, perfect for fans of the show who appreciate darker, more intricate designs.

Glow-in-the-dark Silicone Bracelets With Show Quotes

glow in the dark silicone bracelets with show quotes

Imagine sporting trendy silicone bracelets with iconic “Stranger Things” quotes that glow in the dark for a fun and quirky accessory that pays homage to the beloved series.

Hand-stamped Copper Cuff With the Coordinates of Hawkins, Indiana

hand stamped copper cuff with the coordinates of hawkins indiana

This unique bracelet idea captures the essence of the show’s setting with the coordinates of Hawkins, Indiana engraved on a stylish copper cuff.

‘Friends Don’t Lie’ Friendship Bracelets

‘friends dont lie friendship bracelets

‘Friends Don’t Lie’ friendship bracelets are a meaningful way to show loyalty to your besties, inspired by a memorable quote from the show. They serve as a symbol of trust and honesty between friends, making them a perfect gift to celebrate your special bond.

Mixed Metal Bracelet With Engraved Character Name Tags

mixed metal bracelet with engraved character name tags

The mixed metal bracelet with character name tags is a trendy accessory for die-hard “Stranger Things” fans. It adds a personal touch to your jewelry collection and lets you showcase your favorite characters in a stylish way.

Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape Charms On a Chain Bracelet

vinyl record and cassette tape charms on a chain bracelet

A unique charm bracelet idea inspired by retro music mediums featured in the “Stranger Things” series.

A Slider Charm Bracelet Featuring Iconic Items Like Eggo, Baseball Bat, Etc

a slider charm bracelet featuring iconic items like eggo baseball bat etc

A slider charm bracelet embodies the essence of “Stranger Things” through iconic items like Eggo waffles and a baseball bat.

Color-changing Mood Bracelet With Series Theme Colors

color changing mood bracelet with series theme colors

Immerse yourself in the world of “Stranger Things” with a color-changing mood bracelet that shifts hues in line with the show’s iconic color palette.

Braided Bracelet Using the Red, White, and Blue Colors of the Show Logo

braided bracelet using the red white and blue colors of the show logo

A braided bracelet using the colors of the show logo adds a subtle yet stylish nod to “Stranger Things” to your outfit.

Vintage-style Brass Locket With a Photo of the Cast Inside

vintage style brass locket with a photo of the cast inside

Capture the essence of Stranger Things with a vintage touch by placing a photo of the cast inside a classic brass locket for a unique and personal accessory.

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