15 Funny Kandi Ideas for Your Next Rave or Festival

Get ready to chuckle and craft as we unveil some hilarious and creative kandi bracelet ideas that are guaranteed to make you the life of the party!

“Ctrl + Alt + PLUR”

ctrl alt plur

Keyboard-inspired kandi bracelet that mixes technology and rave culture effortlessly.

“Bass Face”

bass face

Bass Face – A kandi design that captures the intense facial expressions ravers make when the bass drops, adding a playful and energetic vibe to your festival look.

“Glitter Goblin”

glitter goblin

A “Glitter Goblin” design involves incorporating lots of sparkly elements into your kandi creations like beads and charms. Its main focus is to add a touch of magical shimmer to your overall festival look.

“Unicorn Trainer”

unicorn trainer

“Unicorn Trainer” brings a touch of magic to your kandi with glitter and rainbow vibes, ideal for those who believe in the magic of rave culture.

“Drop Diva”

If you’re feeling like a “Drop Diva,” be ready to rock the party with bold colors and chunky beads that scream confidence and style in the rave scene. Bracelets featuring music notes, disco balls, and catchy phrases will have you owning the dance floor with every drop!

“Wobble Wizard”

wobble wizard

The “Wobble Wizard” kandi idea incorporates bright colors and bold patterns to channel the vibrant energy of electronic dance music. This design is perfect for those who love to dance and groove to heavy bass beats during music festivals. The bracelets and accessories in this theme capture the essence of a wizard casting spellbinding wobbles on the dance floor.

“Rave Mom”

rave mom

“Rave Mom” take care of their crew, making sure everyone stays hydrated and has a blast.

“Broccoli Beats”

broccoli beats

“Broccoli Beats” adds a healthy twist to kandi-making, celebrating the love for veggies and music all in one colorful creation.



Unleash your inner PLURmaid with shimmering seashell beads and iridescent pearls for a magical kandi look that radiates peace, love, unity, and respect at raves and music festivals.

“Shuffle Shuttle”

shuffle shuttle

“Shuffle Shuttle” is a kandi design that incorporates fun patterns and bright colors to represent the energy and rhythm of shuffling dance moves.

“Kandi Kraken”

kandi kraken

Embrace your inner sea monster with Kandi Kraken – a wild, ocean-inspired kandi design that is sure to make a splash at your next rave. It combines vibrant colors and intricate patterns to create a mesmerizing bracelet that reflects the mysterious and powerful nature of the legendary Kraken. Show off your unique style and love for all things mystical with this standout accessory.

“No Sleep Squad”

no sleep squad

Up all night grooving to the beats, swapping kandi with fellow rave revelers, part of the “No Sleep Squad” vibe.

“Nap King”

nap king

“Nap King” is all about incorporating sleep-themed elements into your kandi, like pillows and z’s, to embrace the beauty of a good nap amidst the rave chaos.

“Hug Dealer”

hug dealer

The “Hug Dealer” kandi idea involves creating bracelets with charms that symbolize warmth and compassion, encouraging sharing hugs and spreading positivity at raves and music festivals.

“Snack Ninja”

snack ninja

Be the Snack Ninja at your next rave, stealthily distributing snacks to fellow party animals like a food-fueled ninja.

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