15 DIY Wrapped Bracelet Ideas for Creative Crafters

Unleash your creativity with these DIY wrapped bracelet ideas that are easy to make and stunning to wear.

Leather Charm Wrap Bracelet

leather charm wrap bracelet

Incorporating charming leather elements into your DIY wrapped bracelet adds a rustic and stylish touch to your arm candy. It provides a versatile and timeless look that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Suede and Chain Braided Wrap

suede and chain braided wrap

The Suede and Chain Braided Wrap combines the softness of suede with the edginess of chain for a unique and stylish bracelet option. This design offers a modern twist on the classic wrap bracelet, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet

beaded memory wire bracelet

For the Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet, string beads on a coiled wire for a versatile and easy-to-wear jewelry piece. The memory wire retains its shape, ensuring a perfect fit every time you put it on. The beads add a touch of color and texture to your outfit, making it a stylish accessory for any occasion.

Silk Ribbon and Pearl Wrap

silk ribbon and pearl wrap

The Silk Ribbon and Pearl Wrap is a delicate and elegant bracelet design that combines soft ribbon with lustrous pearls for a sophisticated look. It’s a perfect accessory for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit, whether casual or formal.

Woven Yarn and Button Bracelet

woven yarn and button bracelet

Create a unique bohemian-style bracelet by weaving colorful yarn around buttons. It adds a fun and playful touch to your DIY jewelry collection.

Bohemian Lace Wrap Bracelet

bohemian lace wrap bracelet

This Bohemian Lace Wrap Bracelet adds a touch of vintage charm to your DIY jewelry collection. Perfect for those who love a boho-chic style!

Denim and Studs Cuff

denim and studs cuff

The Denim and Studs Cuff offers a trendy twist on the classic wrapped bracelet with a touch of edginess through the use of denim fabric and stylish studs. It provides a versatile accessory that can easily transition from casual to chic looks, making a fashion statement with an element of rock and roll.

Macramé and Bead Wrap Bracelet

macrame and bead wrap bracelet

Enhance your DIY wrapped bracelet collection by incorporating macramé techniques with beads for an intricate and stylish design.

Embroidery Thread Multi-Color Wrap

embroidery thread multi color wrap

In this design, multiple colors of embroidery thread are used to create a vibrant and unique wrapped bracelet. The combination of colors adds a fun and eye-catching element to the bracelet, making it a trendy accessory.

Velvet Ribbon and Crystal Wrap

velvet ribbon and crystal wrap

The Velvet Ribbon and Crystal Wrap combines luxurious velvet with sparkling crystals for an elegant and chic bracelet design.

Hemp and Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

hemp and turquoise wrap bracelet

The Hemp and Turquoise Wrap Bracelet combines the earthy appeal of hemp with the vibrant pop of turquoise beads for a bohemian-chic look that’s perfect for casual and festival wear.

Paracord Survival Wrap Bracelet

paracord survival wrap bracelet

Paracord Survival Wrap Bracelet: A handy accessory that can unravel into a long piece of cord for emergency situations.

Cork and Leather Wrap Bracelet

cork and leather wrap bracelet

The Cork and Leather Wrap Bracelet adds a unique and eco-friendly touch to your DIY jewelry collection, perfect for those looking for a stylish and sustainable accessory option.

Satin Cord and Rhinestone Bracelet

satin cord and rhinestone bracelet

Add a touch of elegance to your DIY wrapped bracelet collection with a Satin Cord and Rhinestone Bracelet, perfect for a glamorous look.

Recycled T-shirt Fabric Wrap

recycled t shirt fabric wrap

Join the eco-friendly trend by repurposing old T-shirts into a stylish wrap bracelet, saving both the environment and your fashion statement in one go.

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