15 DIY Jewelry Display Ideas for Craft Shows: Boost Your Booth’s Appeal

Discover creative and budget-friendly DIY jewelry display ideas perfect for making your booth the star of any craft show.

Vintage Frame Earring Holder

vintage frame earring holder

Repurpose vintage frames by transforming them into earring holders, adding a touch of elegance to your craft show display.

Cork Boards With Pushpins for Necklaces

cork boards with pushpins for necklaces

Using cork boards with pushpins is a great way to display necklaces at craft shows. This idea allows for easy organization and visibility of different necklace styles. Cork boards provide a versatile and customizable display option for showcasing your jewelry pieces effectively.

Driftwood Necklace Stands

driftwood necklace stands

Driftwood necklace stands are natural and rustic displays for showcasing your jewelry at craft shows, adding a touch of beachy charm to your booth.

Painted Tree Branches for Bracelets

painted tree branches for bracelets

These painted tree branches create a unique and organic display for your bracelets, adding a natural touch to your booth at craft shows. Display your bracelets in a creative and eye-catching way that will draw customers in, showcasing your jewelry beautifully against the rustic backdrop of the branches. A simple yet effective DIY display idea that sets your booth apart from the rest and highlights your bracelets in a charming and earthy way.

Suitcase Lined With Velvet for Rings

suitcase lined with velvet for rings

A suitcase lined with velvet creates a luxurious and portable display for rings, perfect for showcasing your collection at craft shows with style and flair.

Tiered Cake Stands for Assorted Jewelry

tiered cake stands for assorted jewelry

Tiered cake stands are a clever way to showcase different types of jewelry at craft shows, allowing for easy visibility and access to customers.

Hanging Macramé Boards for Earrings

hanging macrame boards for earrings

Hanging macramé boards for earrings offer a unique and stylish way to display your earring collection at craft shows. The intricate designs of the macramé paired with the dangling earrings create a visually appealing set-up that will attract customers to your booth.

Pegboard With Custom Hooks and Shelves

pegboard with custom hooks and shelves

A pegboard with custom hooks and shelves is a versatile and customizable jewelry display option for craft shows to showcase a variety of accessories effectively.

Ladder Shelf With Hanging Hooks

ladder shelf with hanging hooks

The ladder shelf with hanging hooks is a versatile and space-saving way to display a variety of jewelry pieces at craft shows.

Recycled Paper Mâché Busts for Necklaces

recycled paper mache busts for necklaces

Recycled paper mâché busts provide a unique and eco-friendly way to display necklaces at craft shows. Made from old newspapers and magazines, they add a rustic and artistic touch to your jewelry booth.

Antique Printer Trays for Small Jewelry

antique printer trays for small jewelry

Antique printer trays repurposed as small jewelry displays offer a unique and rustic charm, perfect for showcasing delicate pieces individually.

Magnetic Boards With Metal Hooks

magnetic boards with metal hooks

Magnetic boards with metal hooks provide a versatile and customizable way to display jewelry pieces at craft shows. They offer a modern and sleek design to showcase various accessories. The boards allow for easy rearrangement and organization of different jewelry items. By incorporating magnets and hooks, this display solution adds a practical and stylish touch to your booth.

Rotating Ferris Wheel for Bangles

rotating ferris wheel for bangles

Imagine a Ferris wheel displaying your bangles, adding a whimsical touch to your craft show booth. A unique and eye-catching way to showcase your bracelet collection.

Acrylic Boxes With Interior Lighting

acrylic boxes with interior lighting

Illuminate your jewelry pieces within chic acrylic boxes for a stunning display that catches the eye and highlights your craft show booth effortlessly.

Shadow Boxes With Linen Backing

shadow boxes with linen backing

Shadow boxes with linen backing add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your craft show display, allowing your jewelry pieces to stand out beautifully against the neutral backdrop.

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